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Molecular sieve manufacturer explains the preparation of beta molecular sieves

In the field of chemistry, our beta molecular sieves are widely used. In life, the structure of beta molecular sieves makes us curious. Its characteristics are almost non-toxic. It mainly solves the problem of difficult filtration. In research, the preparation of beta molecular sieves is a This patented technology, now the molecular sieve manufacturer introduce the preparation of β molecular sieve:
The invention provides a method for preparing beta molecular sieve, which uses natural minerals such as kaolin, bentonite and other natural minerals as raw materials to provide all or part of the aluminum source, and adds organic ammonium template agent to carry out crystallization reaction under hydrothermal conditions to obtain a beta molecular sieve-containing crystallized product. The obtained crystallized product can be prepared by different post-treatment methods to prepare the modified beta molecular sieve, which can be used as the active component or carrier of the catalyst; the beta molecular sieve prepared by the method of the present invention has higher thermal and hydrothermal stability; the beta molecular sieve prepared by the method of the present invention The beta molecular sieve solves the problem of difficulty in filtering the beta molecular sieve preparation and post-treatment process, and can improve the production efficiency; the method of the invention expands the range of raw materials for synthesizing the beta molecular sieve, finds new uses for more natural minerals, and further reduces the preparation of the beta molecular sieve. the cost of.

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