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Molecular sieve manufacturer explains the storage method of molecular sieve

Many friends don't know much about molecular sieves. In fact, it is artificially synthesized and has many advantages, such as purification of exhaust gas. Therefore, it is now used in many fields. Many friends do not understand the precautions when storing and using molecular sieves, which may cause some problems. Only by correctly understanding the storage method can the excellent role of molecular sieves be exerted. The following molecular sieve manufacturer will specifically introduce the matters that should be paid attention to when storing molecular sieves and the precautions in the actual operation of molecular sieves.

What are the precautions for the storage of molecular sieves?

1. Molecular sieve is easy to absorb moisture. It should not be directly exposed to the air during storage and should be placed in a dry place. Molecular sieves that are stored for a long time and absorb moisture should be regenerated before use.

2. Molecular sieves avoid oil and liquid water. Oil can clog the pores of molecular sieves. Especially during regeneration, it is possible to carbonize the oil and cause clogged pores. For oil-containing gas, the oil-water separation should be carried out first, and then the molecular sieve tower should be carried out. Since molecular sieve absorbs water and releases heat, liquid water releases a lot of heat when it directly contacts molecular sieve. Hazards may occur, or the performance of molecular sieves may be destroyed.

3. When the molecular sieve column working under pressure is switched for regeneration, the pressure in the column should be slowly reduced. If the decompression rate is too fast, the molecular sieve particles may be broken and pulverized.

What are the precautions for molecular sieves in practical operation?

(1) If the molecular sieve program-controlled valve fails, the on-site personnel and instrument personnel should be contacted before opening the valve; the valve needs to be manually opened during the valve opening, and the on-site personnel feedback that the valve has been opened, and the internal operator can only open the valve after checking that the signal is normal. Automatically transition the program to the next step.

(2) During the switching of molecular sieves, internal operators should strengthen monitoring and deal with abnormalities in time.

(3) During the heating process of molecular sieve, the liquid level of the heater in the regenerator should be controlled at about 10.

(4) When the internal leakage of the self-regulating valve is serious, the molecular sieve is heated, and contact the on-site personnel to close the condensing hand valve in time to ensure that the liquid level does not drop.

Through the above introduction, we have known various properties and storage methods of molecular sieves. When storing molecular sieves, you can refer to the above-mentioned methods for operation. Store it in a dry environment. At the same time, we need to pay attention to the problem of regeneration. If the regeneration temperature is not well controlled, the molecular sieve may be deactivated, so everyone must be careful. In addition, in actual operation, it is necessary to operate in strict accordance with the specified requirements, and do not perform some operations at will, so as not to affect its performance.

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