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Molecular sieve manufacturer introduce the difference between molecular sieve and activated alumina

Both molecular sieves and activated alumina can be used as adsorbents in industrial production, but in actual use, they are all for different substances. Therefore, many users do not know which product to choose when buying. Next, the editor of molecular sieve manufacturer will talk to you about the difference between molecular sieve and activated alumina.

Household molecular sieves and activated alumina balls have one thing in common, and both can be used as desiccants.

1. The difference between the two is manifested in different uses:

(1). Molecular sieves have strong moisture absorption capacity and are used for gas purification. Avoid direct exposure to the air during storage. Molecular sieves that have been stored for a long time and absorb moisture should be regenerated before use. Avoid oil and liquid water during use, and try to avoid them during use. Contact with oil and liquid water.

(2). Activated alumina balls are mainly used for the dehydration and drying of industrial gases such as chemical industry, metallurgy, electronics, petroleum, etc., such as permanent gases such as air, oxygen, nitrogen, smelting gas and petroleum cracking gas.

2. Different characteristics

Activated alumina: white spherical material, made by a special process, due to its unique framework structure, has a strong affinity with the active ingredients, the product has a uniform micropore distribution, suitable pore size and pores, high water absorption, Low bulk density, good mechanical properties, good stability, etc., suitable for desiccant, catalyst carrier, defluorinating agent, pressure swing adsorbent, hydrogen peroxide special regenerator, etc.

The specific surface area is 300~1000m2/g, and the inner crystal surface is highly polarized. It is a high-efficiency adsorbent, a solid acid, and the surface has a high acid concentration and acid strength, which can cause cationic catalytic reactions. When the metal ions in the composition are exchanged with other ions in the solution, the pore size can be adjusted, the adsorption performance and the catalytic performance can be changed, thereby preparing molecular sieve catalysts with different performances.

In fact, the simple difference between the two is that zeolite is mainly composed of three elements: silicon and aluminum. According to different directing agents, molecular sieves with different pore sizes are formed. Its catalytic performance depends on the distribution of acid centers, and the adsorption performance depends on physical factors such as pore size and specific surface area. Hunan Providence New Materials Co., Ltd is a professional molecular sieve manufacturer which can provide USY zeolite, NaY zeolite, REY zeolite, ZSM-5 zeolite, welcome to consult.

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