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Molecular sieve manufacturer talks about the preparation of molecular sieve raw powder

Molecular sieve raw powder is the main raw material for the production of molecular sieve activated powder. The original molecular sieve powder has the framework characteristics of molecular sieve, but the pores are filled with a large number of water molecules and cannot be used directly. Most of the moisture in the pores can be removed only by high temperature activation. After draining it can be used to adsorb other molecules.

The production process of raw powder mainly includes five stages: sodium aluminate preparation, synthesis, aging and crystallization, mother liquor separation and washing, and dry packaging. Next, molecular sieve manufacturer will talk about it carefully.

①Preparation of sodium aluminate: Add a certain amount of liquid caustic soda or steam mother to the reaction kettle, stir and heat, add aluminum hydroxide after reaching the preparation temperature, and prepare an aluminum hydroxide solution at a certain temperature to prepare sodium aluminate. After the preparation is completed, a certain amount of mother liquor is added to adjust the concentration of the sodium aluminate solution to meet the raw material requirements for synthesizing molecular sieve raw powder. The secondary filtered sodium aluminate solution is used to synthesize the original molecular sieve powder.

②Synthesis: There are 6 kinds of materials in the synthesis part, namely liquid caustic soda, sodium aluminate, mother liquor, caustic soda, water and guiding agent. The 6 kinds of materials are added to the synthesis tank according to the production process ratio, and the reaction is stirred for about 1 hour.

③Aging and crystallization: After stirring, the slurry in the synthesis tank is pumped into the crystallization tank, and the steam is heated under stirring. The heating temperature and aging crystallization time are controlled according to the process requirements. After the reaction is completed, the material is stirred and discharged into the buffer tank.

④Separation and washing of mother liquor: The slurry is separated from solid and liquid by the filter, and the filtrate is collected. Air pressure washing and dehydration, when the adhering water volume reaches 30-32%, the air pressure is stopped, and the filter cake enters the filter cake turnover bin.

⑤Dry packaging: the dehydrated filter cake enters the filter cake.

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