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Molecular sieve manufacturer explains how powerful molecular sieves are

Molecular sieves are widely used in the chemical industry. Nowadays, as the product is improved from time to time, it is also paying attention to exhaust gas purification. Many companies are optimistic about its development. I think everyone is not familiar with this product.The molecular sieve manufacturer briefly introduced the product, and hope that everyone can understand it.

Molecular sieve is a kind of aluminosilicate microporous crystal adsorption function, which distinguishes molecules of different substances by the priority and size of adsorption: the adsorption of substances by molecular sieve comes from physical adsorption (van der Waals force), inside the crystal pores. With strong polarity and Coulomb field, it has strong adsorption capacity for polar molecules (such as water) and unsaturated molecules.

Screening function: molecular sieve has a very uniform pore size distribution. As long as the molecular diameter is smaller than the inner diameter of the pores, it is possible to enter the crystalline pores of the product. Because adsorption does not cause chemical changes, you only need to concentrate the outer molecules as much as possible. This process is the reverse process of adsorption, called analysis or regeneration.

In summary, we have a certain understanding of molecular sieves. Of course, it is not very systematic. It is easier to use, and its performance is not affected by other factors. It can run stably. If you come into contact with a product, you need to know its working temperature and time to help you prevent damage during use.

Hunan Providence New Materials Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and marketing of high-end special molecular sieve materials and multifunctional and efficient catalytic cracking promoters, and gradually extends to other functional materials and new catalysts. The products are widely used and are well received by users.

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