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Molecular sieve manufacturer: Do you know the main components of molecular sieves?

Also called zeolite or zeolite, a porous aluminosilicate, there are two kinds of natural zeolite and synthetic zeolite. The general formula is MX/n [(alo2) x (SiO2) y] mh2o, wherein: X/n is the number of metal cations Me (Na+, K+, Ca2+, etc.). The valence is n, and it is mainly composed of silicon and aluminum connected by oxygen bridges to form an empty skeleton structure, in which there are many pores with uniform pore size and ordered internal arrangement. molecular sieve manufacturer talks about the main components of molecular sieves.
Due to the continuous loss of water molecules after heating, the crystal skeleton structure remains unchanged, and many cavities of the same size are formed. The cavities are connected by many pores with the same diameter. The molecules smaller than the pore diameter are adsorbed in the cavities, while Molecules larger than the pores are repelled, thereby separating molecules of different sizes and shapes, which play the role of screening molecules, so it is called a molecular sieve. When the molecules of a gas or liquid mixture pass through this substance, they can separate from each other according to different molecular properties.
Molecular sieves are widely used in oil refining, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, electronics, national defense industries, etc., as well as in medicine, light industry, agriculture and environmental protection.
Carbon molecular sieve is a non-polar carbon material. The main component of carbon molecular sieve is elemental carbon, which is a black columnar solid in appearance, because it contains a large number of micropores with a diameter of 4 angstroms. It can be used to separate oxygen and nitrogen in the air, and pressure swing adsorption units are used for industrial production of nitrogen.
Carbon molecular sieve has strong nitrogen production capacity, high nitrogen recovery rate and long service life. It is suitable for various pressure swing adsorption nitrogen production equipment and is a good choice for pressure swing adsorption nitrogen production equipment.

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