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Molecular sieve manufacturer: what is the molecular sieve effect?

The molecular sieve effect means that when a sample solution containing various molecules slowly flows through a gel chromatography column, each molecule simultaneously stops two different motions within the column: vertical downward motion and non-directional diffusion motion. Because the diameter of macromolecular substances is relatively large, for this reason, in order to facilitate everyone to understand the relevant operations, the following molecular sieve manufacturers give specific instructions.
It is difficult to enter the micropores of the gel particles and can only diffuse between particles, so during the elution process, the small molecules can not only diffuse in the pores of the gel particles, but also enter when moving downward. The micropores of the gel particles, that is, into the gel phase.
From one gel to the space between particles, then to another gel particle, and then to the occasional diffusion, the falling rate of small molecules lags behind that of macromolecules, so that larger molecules in the sample flow into the spectral column first, Middle molecules flow out later, and smaller molecules flow out later. This phenomenon is called the molecular sieve effect.

Molecular sieves have porous gels. The pore sizes of various molecular sieves have a certain range. The upper limit is large and the grade limit is small. If the diameter of the molecules is larger than the diameter of the larger pores of the gel, they will all be excluded from the gel particles. , which is called complete exclusion.

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