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Molecular sieve manufacturer teaches you some measures to prevent molecular sieve inactivation

How to prevent molecular sieve deactivation? Today, molecular sieve manufacturer will tell you about these measures!

1. Enhanced drainage: When the concentration of the adsorbent exceeds the standard, it will cause infiltration before adsorption, but the molecular sieve will not be completely inactivated. The activity can be restored through regeneration. Drainage should be strengthened during operation to minimize the entry of water into the molecular sieve, especially in wet conditions. In rainy days, the cooling humidity of the compressors at all levels should be controlled so that the water vapor becomes water and discharged. As for the content of hydrocarbons in the atmosphere, it is beyond human control.

2. Correct switching of molecular sieve: The switching of molecular sieve is the main factor causing the reduction of mechanical strength and pulverization of molecular sieve. Therefore, when switching, it is necessary to operate correctly, increase or decrease the pressure slowly, and do not increase or decrease the pressure too quickly, so as not to damage the molecular sieve.

3. Prevent moisture intrusion: This measure is mainly aimed at the air separation device using steam heaters. The heater should be checked regularly, and the moisture in the regeneration gas should be analyzed regularly with a moisture analyzer. During the annual overhaul, it should be checked whether the heater is decompressed , to ensure that the equipment is in good condition and prevent leakage.

4. Strengthen air filtration: Impurities are one of the main reasons for the deactivation of molecular sieves, which will cause great harm to molecular sieves and make them completely deactivated. In order to reduce the pollution of impurities, on the one hand, the oil lubrication of the compressor cylinder can be cancelled. On the other hand, it is necessary to strengthen the air management near the inlet of the air compressor to keep the air clean, and at the same time, before the air enters the compressor, enough filtering equipment should be installed and cleaned regularly.

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