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Molecular sieve manufacturer talks about the application of molecular sieve in insulating glass

Molecular sieve is an ideal adsorbent for insulating glass. Molecular sieve is a porous structure with a very large internal and external surface area. In short, it has an affinity for water and solvents. The following molecular sieve manufacturer will talk about the role of molecular sieves in insulating glass.

Molecular sieves play an important role in insulating glass to avoid condensation and frosting on the inner surface of the insulating glass, evaporation of solvents in sealants, deflection in severe weather conditions, and airborne contamination of paints, detergents, and other solvents. Hydrocarbons, in the process of production and use, the water vapor in the air will be sealed in the insulating glass, when the ambient temperature drops below the dew point of the gas in the insulating glass, condensation will occur inside the cold surface of the insulating glass. Condensate is formed.

How much adsorbent should be used for insulating glass? It can be answered from three aspects: experience, water balance or equivalent requirements. Experience shows that most manufacturers choose two long sides or one long side and one short side to fill the adsorbent. been satisfied. Water balance is a scientific method that requires a satisfactory sorbent to remove the water entering in the production process and the life of the insulating glass, only a small fraction of the sorbent is used to start the drying process, the "relative humidity driving force" will cause the water to enter Inside the insulating glass, this driving force occurs when the external humidity is higher than the internal humidity of the insulating glass. The amount of water removed during the life of the insulating glass can be calculated by the water balance, which requires knowing the water feed rate, the planned life of the insulating glass, and the highest dew point required during the life of the insulating glass. The demand equivalent refers to each inch when testing the insulating glass. The minimum amount of drying required.

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