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Molecular sieve manufacturer: Application of molecular sieve in deep dehydration of natural gas

At present, the main natural gas deep dehydration devices at home and abroad use the strong adsorption effect of synthetic fluorite molecular sieves on water vapor molecules in the gas to achieve the purpose of deep dehydration.

Synthetic zeolite molecular sieve is a kind of aluminosilicate crystal with strict framework structure, and its internal framework formed by silica-alumina tetrahedron has numerous three-dimensionally connected micropores. It is a strong polar adsorbent with uniform pore size. Strong adsorption and separation ability. With the increase of the silicon-alumina ratio, the polarity of the molecular sieve gradually decreases, so the molecular sieve with a low silicon-aluminum ratio has a stronger water absorption capacity and is suitable for deep dehydration of gas.

Molecular sieve is a commonly used high-efficiency dehydrating agent for compressed natural gas. Its main advantages will be explained to you by molecular sieve manufacturer:

①Molecular sieve can be deeply dehydrated. Under normal circumstances, its adsorption capacity is higher than other adsorbents, so the size of the drying tower can be reduced, saving money.

②Molecular sieve can effectively dry gas at higher temperature.

③ Molecular sieve can selectively adsorb water to avoid the co-adsorption of heavy hydrocarbons and the failure of the adsorbent.

④ Molecular sieves are not easily destroyed by liquid water, while adsorbents such as silica gel are brittle when exposed to water.

When the gas passes through the molecular sieve bed, the water vapor molecules in the gas enter the pores inside the molecular sieve with the gas flow. Since water molecules are highly polar molecules, they are adsorbed on the pores and no longer flow with the gas, but hydrocarbon gases such as methane It is a non-polar molecule, it will pass smoothly, and the gas will be dried.

As the molecular sieve adsorbs moisture in the adsorption tower, the adsorption capacity of the molecular sieve for water molecules gradually decreases. When it reaches a certain value, the water molecules in the outlet gas of the adsorption tower will exceed the specified value, indicating that the molecular sieve in the tower is saturated. , the molecular sieve in the adsorption tower must be regenerated.

The regeneration process is the process of discharging the water molecules adsorbed in the pores of the molecular sieve and reactivating the molecular sieve. The design of the regeneration process is very important for the continuous operation of the dryer. Molecular sieves will eventually saturate and lose their ability to absorb moisture. Therefore, the selection of reasonable regeneration process and parameters has become the focus of dryer design. A reasonable regeneration process can achieve the purpose of effective regeneration with as little consumption (electric heating power, gas consumption rate) as possible.

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