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Molecular sieve manufacturer tells you how strong the application function of molecular sieve is

Molecular sieves are widely used in the chemical industry. Now, with the improvement of this product from time to time, the purification of exhaust gas has received attention, and many companies are optimistic about its development. molecular sieve manufacturer feels that everyone is not very familiar with this product, so I will briefly introduce this product, I hope everyone can understand.

Molecular sieve is a molecule that distinguishes different substances by adsorption priority and size. It is a kind of aluminosilicate microporous crystal adsorption function: the adsorption of molecular sieve to substances comes from physical adsorption (van der Waals force), and its crystal pores have strong polar It exhibits strong adsorption capacity for polar molecules (such as water) and unsaturated molecules.

Screening function: The pore size distribution of molecular sieves is very uniform, and only substances whose molecular diameter is smaller than the inner diameter of the pores can enter the crystal pores of the product. Because no chemical changes occur during the adsorption process, it is only necessary to try to drive away the molecules concentrated on the outer surface. This process is the reverse process of adsorption and is called desorption or regeneration.

In summary, we have a certain degree of understanding of molecular sieves. Of course, it is not very systematic, easy to use, and its performance is not affected by other factors, and it is stable. If we come into contact with this product for the first time, we need to stop understanding its use temperature and time, so as to help everyone not be damaged during use.

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