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Molecular sieve manufacturer explains adding binder to molecular sieve desiccant

Why should a binder be added to the molecular sieve desiccant? Some molecular sieve desiccants have higher activity, and it may be considered to add an appropriate amount of binder to reduce their activity. In addition, the strength of the catalyst formed by the use of molecular sieve desiccant alone is relatively low. Therefore, in order to meet the requirements of the catalyst, it is usually necessary to add an appropriate amount of binder to improve the strength of the catalyst. So, what is the main function of molecular sieve desiccant in molecular sieve? The molecular sieve manufacturer will answer it for you!

Molecular sieve desiccants are basically non-stick and small in size, they are made of powder and can be recycled by adding a binder. Generally speaking, they are mixtures, but the performance of the desiccant will be affected by the addition of the binder. Reducing the amount of the binder and increasing the ratio of the desiccant is one of the key technologies for the molding of molecular sieve desiccants. Add a small amount of alumina and an appropriate amount of dilute nitric acid, or add other substances, add some silica sol, aluminum sol or titanium sol, etc., add porous pseudo-thin aluminum hydroxide to nitric acid and water, so that the alumina is partially dissolved and attached to the molecular sieve desiccant. .

The molecular sieve desiccant has a wide range of uses. The present invention is not only a microporous adsorbent, but also a catalyst and carrier with excellent performance. The zeolite desiccant is a desiccant and can be used for drying various gases and liquids. Zeolite desiccant cannot be used to dry unsaturated compounds, because it has a strong adsorption capacity for unsaturated molecules, molecules and molecules. Molecular sieve desiccant has a very small adsorption capacity for water. If the moisture content of the drying material is too high, it should be used first. Other desiccants are dehydrated and then dried with molecular sieves.

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