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Molecular sieve manufacturer: framework components of molecular sieves

We know that when using molecular sieves, we must first clarify its composition to facilitate subsequent work. Its skeleton is a very good component, which is conducive to the stable performance of the product, but many users do not understand the skeleton composition of this product. Today, molecular sieve manufacturer will take everyone to pay attention to its skeleton composition.

1. Molecular sieve is a very fine substance. Its adsorption function is widely used in industry, and I think you are still a little confused about its skeleton components. Next, we will use this skeleton combination to systematically understand the use effect of the product, and interested friends can learn it.

Molecular sieve is an inorganic aluminosilicate compound with high temperature resistance and good thermal stability. It is easy to develop and can be reused many times, and bones will not be decomposed by microorganisms.

2. The main components of molecular sieve are siloxane tetrahedron and aluminum-oxygen tetrahedron. Since the valence of aluminum is 3, the valence of oxygen atoms in aluminum-oxygen tetrahedron AlO4 is unbalanced, so the entire alumina tetrahedron is negatively charged. In order to maintain electrical neutrality, positively charged metal ions are needed near the alumina tetrahedron to offset its negative charge. A strong electric field will be generated between the positively charged metal ions and the negatively charged molecular sieve framework, which has a huge impact on the adsorption performance of the molecular sieve. .

The adsorption capacity of this product to polar substances is much stronger than that of non-polar substances. At the same time, due to the strong electric field, substances containing double bonds or large π bonds also have considerable adsorption capacity through induced polarization. Generally speaking, the more charges carried by the cation, the smaller the ionic radius, the stronger the electric field generated, the greater the induction effect on double bonds, and the greater the adsorption capacity for these substances.

Through the above analysis, the molecular sieve framework composition is a good interpretation of its performance, its framework will not be decomposed by other substances, it is a cost-effective product, so we choose it when you buy it, you must clearly understand its performance and ingredients, so that the subsequent work will be smoother.

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