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Molecular sieve manufacturer: what should be paid attention to in the storage of oxygen-producing molecular sieves?

What points should be paid attention to when storing oxygen-producing molecular sieves? Molecular sieves are easy to absorb water and should not be directly exposed to the air during storage, but should be placed in a dry place. Molecular sieves with long storage time and strong hygroscopicity should be regenerated before use, so what else should be paid attention to? molecular sieve manufacturer will answer you!

1. Molecular sieves avoid oil and liquid water. Oil can block the pores of the molecular sieve, especially in the regeneration process, the oil may be carbonized and cause blockage. For oil-containing gas, oil and gas should be separated before the molecular sieve tower. Since molecular sieves release heat in adsorbed water, liquid water will release a lot of heat when it directly contacts molecular sieves, which can be dangerous or destroy the performance of molecular sieves.

2. In the process of regeneration and conversion, the internal pressure of the zeolite column for pressurization should be slowly reduced. If the pressure drops too fast, the zeolite particles will be crushed. The higher the regeneration temperature, the safer the regeneration, but at the same time, the energy consumption of regeneration is also greater, and the life of the molecular sieve may be shortened. Therefore, the regeneration temperature is suitable between 200 and 350°C. Zeolite loses activity.

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