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Molecular sieve manufacturer talks in detail about the application of molecular sieves in the petrochemical industry

In the more than half a century since the advent of molecular sieves, the development of related technologies has been mainly used to meet the needs of the three traditional fields. First of all, in the traditional petroleum and chemical catalysis process, in the daily necessities industry, coal mine and radioactive industry waste gas, the ion exchange process required for the treatment of waste liquid and so on. The continuous expansion of molecular sieve applications in the petrochemical industry has promoted the rapid development of my country's economy. In the petrochemical industry, it is mainly used in petroleum cracking, ethylene, propylene drying, natural gas drying, CO2 desorption, hydrocracking purification, etc.

1. Adsorbent;

In terms of function, molecular sieve materials with adsorption capacity are mainly used in the chemical industry and environmental purification and separation industries, as well as desiccants and other related fields. Because the physical adsorption of molecular sieve materials can adsorb substances, the internal pores have strong polarity and Coulomb field, which can adsorb polar molecules and unsaturated molecules. Absorbent materials, used in the separation, purification, and drying fields of industry and environment. Molecular sieves can be used as adsorbents to remove heavy metal ions in wastewater treatment, and organic wastewater can be treated. Modified molecular sieves can remove compounds in water with good effects. In the field of gas separation, molecular sieve adsorbents can be used for pressure swing adsorption to produce nitrogen, CO2, and oxygen. Molecular sieve adsorbents are also good oil cleaners.

2. Catalyst;

As a catalytic material, molecular sieve materials with catalytic function are mainly used in the petrochemical industry, coal industry and fine chemical industry. In order to meet the needs of industrial catalytic processes in petroleum refining and processing, petrochemical, coal chemical and fine chemical industries, molecular sieves are in great demand for catalysts.

In order to effectively contain the molecules inside the molecular sieve, the pore size of the zeolite molecular sieve should be larger than that of the reactant molecules, but it should not exceed a certain range. The Lewis acid catalyzed reaction occurs during the catalysis process, which requires the use of effective molecules to form a complete catalysis process.

3. Ion exchanger;

Molecular sieve materials with ion exchange capacity are mainly used in detergent industry, mining industry and waste treatment and other related industries. Ion exchange materials are used in the detergent industry, mines and the treatment of radioactive waste and liquid waste, etc.

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