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Molecular sieve manufacturer talks about the difference between different types of molecular sieves

Molecular sieves obtain products with different pore diameters according to the different molecular ratios of SiO2 and Al2O3, so there are many models, 3A, 4A, 5A, etc., because they have certain differences in performance, so their scope of application is also somewhat different. Next, the editor of molecular sieve manufacturer will tell you the difference between different types of molecular sieve.

3A molecular sieve is mainly used for: industrial desiccants such as chemical industry, petroleum, medicine, insulating glass, etc., used for the industrial dehydration of cracked gas, butadiene, propylene, acetylene and other unsaturated hydrocarbon substances, and can also be used for gas, polar liquid and The drying of natural gas, due to the small pore size of the 3A molecular sieve, can effectively control the co-adsorption of other molecules during the adsorption process.

4A molecular sieve is mainly used to stop static dehydration in closed gas or liquid systems. It is used as a static desiccant in household refrigeration systems, medical packaging, automotive air conditioning, electronic components and easily degradable chemicals or as a plastic system coating Dehydrating agent can also be used to dry saturated hydrocarbon materials in industry.

It can also adsorb methanol, ethanol, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, etc., and can be used in R-12 and R-22 systems, as well as the separation and purification of gas and liquid components, such as the purification of argon, the preparation of reagent absolute ethanol, etc., 3A Molecular sieves can adsorb all 4A molecular sieves.

5A molecular sieve is mainly used for: separation of normal isoparaffins, separation of oxygen and nitrogen, drying and refining of industrial gases and liquids such as chemical industry, petroleum and natural gas, ammonia synthesis gas.

No matter which type of molecular sieve is, it has different characteristics and advantages, and plays an important role in different industries, so it is very necessary to choose the right model correctly.

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