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Beta Zeolite

  • B-60 Zeolite
B-60 Zeolite

B-60 Zeolite

  • SAR (MOL): 60
  • Na2O (wt%): <0.05
  • BET S.A. (m2/g): 580
  • Crystal Size (Typical): 400nm
  • Product description: B-60 Zeolite


Beta-type molecular sieve has a unique three-dimensional twelve-membered ring cross pore structure. It is composed of a mixture of two closely related polymorphs. The two polycrystals are composed of tetrahedral structural units symmetrically arranged in layers with the same center. Both structures are composed of three-level structural units (TBU) paired with the same center. These TBUs are arranged in layers and then connected in the form of left and right hands. This connection results in a torsion of the channel in the C direction.
Beta molecular sieves show excellent catalytic performance in petroleum refining and petrochemical processes such as catalytic cracking, hydrocracking, hydroisomerization, hydrodewaxing, aromatic alkylation, olefin hydration, and olefin etherification.


SAR (MOL): 60

Na2O (wt%): <0.05

BET S.A. (m2/g): 580

Crystal Size (Typical): 400nm

Cation Form: H

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