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ZSM-5 Zeolite

  • ZSM-5-38 Zeolite
ZSM-5-38 Zeolite

ZSM-5-38 Zeolite

  • SAR (MOL):38
  • Na2O (wt%):<0.08
  • BET S.A. (m2/g):360
  • Crystal Size (Typical):2μm
  • Product description: ZSM-5-38 Zeolite


The ZSM-5 molecular sieve is a high-silica zeolite, and its Si/Al ratio can be as high as 1000 or more. This type of molecular sieve also shows hydrophobic characteristics. Their structure is characterized by crystalline aluminosilicates composed of ten-element pores in the vertical and horizontal directions. Its basic structural unit is composed of eight five-membered rings, without cage-like cavities, only channels. ZSM-5 has two sets of crossing channels, one is straight through, and the other is zigzag perpendicular to each other. The channel is elliptical with a window diameter of 0.55-0.60nm. This type of molecular sieve has a shape-selective effect on the reactants and products due to the similarity of the reaction space and the inlet and outlet shapes. In addition, the uniformity of the structure and the hydrothermal stability make it a good selective catalyst raw material.
ZSM-5 molecular sieve catalyst is widely used in petrochemical processing industry. Used as an auxiliary agent in the fluidized catalytic cracking process, it can produce more propylene and liquefied gas, and can increase the gasoline octane number; in addition, it can be used in the production of ethylbenzene, p-xylene, phenol, pyridine, etc.


SAR (MOL): 38
Na2O (wt%): <0.08
BET S.A. (m2/g):360
Crystal Size (Typical):2μm

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