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Y Zeolite

  • RY-2 Zeolite
RY-2 Zeolite

RY-2 Zeolite

  • SAR (MOL): 5.2
  • UCS (nm): 2.452
  • Na2O (wt%): < 1.5
  • BET S.A. (m2/g): > 600
  • Product description: RY-2 Zeolite


Y zeolite is similar to the densely packed hexagonal crystal structure of diamond. If the β cage is used as the structural unit to replace the carbon atom nodes of the diamond, and the two adjacent β cages are connected by a hexagonal column cage, that is, 5 β cages are connected together with 4 hexagonal column cages, one of which is a β cage In the center, the remaining 4 β cages are located at the apex of the regular tetrahedron, forming an octahedral zeolite crystal structure. Continue to connect with this structure to obtain a Y zeolite structure. In this structure, the large cage formed by the β cage and the hexagonal column cage is a faujasite cage, and their communicating windows are twelve-membered rings, and their average effective pore size is 0.74nm, which is the pore size of the Y-type molecular sieve . X-type molecular sieve and Y zeolite have exactly the same structure, but Y zeolite has a high silicon-to-aluminum ratio and strong hydrothermal stability, so it has a wider range of uses.
Y zeolite is the most used molecular sieve among all molecular sieves. The post-treatment modified Y zeolite is the main active component of the fluidized catalytic cracking catalyst. Y zeolite are also used in hydrocracking, isomerization and alkylation catalysts. The unexchanged modified NaY molecular sieve is an efficient desiccant.


SAR (MOL): 5.2
UCS (nm): 2.452
Na2O (wt%): < 1.5
BET S.A. (m2/g):  > 600

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