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Molecular sieve manufacturer: Will molecular sieves be affected by temperature changes?

In the synthesis of molecular sieves, template agents or structure-directing agents are located in the pores or cages of molecular sieves and play a crucial role in the formation of molecular sieves with specific pore structures. In recent years, the types of structure-directing agents used for the synthesis of molecular sieves have become more and more abundant, such as various organic amines, quaternary ammonium salt cations, metal complexes, quaternary phosphazenes and proton sponges, etc. The structure-directing agents are mainly used to form specific pores or The role of cage structure: ① space filling function; ② structure guiding function; ③ template function.

Molecular sieves have strong hygroscopic ability and can be used for gas purification. Avoid direct exposure to the air during storage. Molecular sieves that have been stored for a long time and absorb moisture should be regenerated before use. Molecular sieves avoid oil and liquid water, and try to avoid contact with oil and liquid water when using. Activated alumina balls are mainly used for dehydration and drying of chemical, metallurgical, electronic, petroleum and other industrial gases, such as air, oxygen, nitrogen and other permanent gas smelting gases and petroleum cracking gases.

Adsorption under low partial pressure or low concentration: when the relative humidity is 30%, the water absorption rate of molecular sieve is higher than that of silica gel and activated alumina. The adsorption capacity of aluminum increases with increasing humidity, and their adsorption capacity is small when the relative humidity is very low.

The water purification effect of high-efficiency molecular sieve will be affected by temperature. High temperature and high turbidity have little effect, while low temperature and low turbidity have a greater effect. When the temperature reaches 10 °C, the adsorption will be affected. From the internal structure analysis, when the temperature is 15-25 ℃, the molecular structure of high-efficiency molecular sieve is very stable, and when the temperature drops below zero, the molecules begin to flow. The active suspension will also affect the purification effect of molecular sieve. The direct performance is that the adsorption effect is not obvious, and it is not easy to form alum, which further affects its deposition. In winter, when the temperature is very low and below zero, it is difficult for high-efficiency molecular sieves to function. Hunan Providence New Materials Co., Ltd is a professional molecular sieve manufacturer which can provide USY zeolite, NaY zeolite, REY zeolite, ZSM-5 zeolite, welcome to consult.

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