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Molecular sieve manufacturer: adsorption time of molecular sieve

Molecular sieves are highly hygroscopic and can be used for gas purification. Avoid direct exposure to air during storage. Molecular sieves that are stored for a long time and have hygroscopicity should be regenerated before use. Molecular sieves should avoid oil and liquid water, and avoid contact with oil and liquid water during use. The gases that need to be dried in industrial production include air, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, argon, etc. Two adsorption dryers are used in parallel, one for work and one for regeneration, alternate work and regeneration to ensure continuous transportation of the equipment . The dryer operates at room temperature and is regenerated by heating to 350°C.

Molecular sieves from molecular sieve manufacturer are often used in the petroleum industry, especially for gas purification. For example, silica gel can be used to absorb mercury in natural gas to corrode aluminum pipelines and other liquefaction equipment.

The regeneration method of zeolite molecular sieve includes changing the pressure in the oxygen concentrator, and when it is used for ethanol dehydration, it can also be heated and cleaned with carrier gas.

The saturated adsorption time of molecular sieve test is 24 hours, even with good production technology, we have a basic exposure time requirement for the use of molecular sieve: from opening the bag to the second sealant you fill with insulating glass, the time cannot exceed 4 hours , if you have higher requirements for insulating glass, you can shorten the exposure time to 1.5 hours. Shorter exposure times are better, but production processes of less than 1.5 hours are more difficult to operate in mass production.

Molecular sieves can remove NH3-N and pb2+, cu2+, zn2+, cd2+, etc. in sewage. The sewage discharged from civil and aquaculture industries contains ammonia nitrogen, which not only damages the survival of fish and pollutes the breeding environment, but also promotes the growth of algae, causing river pollution. Lake blockage, due to the high selectivity of 4A molecular sieve to NH4+, has been successfully applied in this field, which comes from some sewage discharged from metal mines, smelters, metal surface treatment and chemical industries. The metal ions contained in it are extremely harmful to the human body. Treating these sewage with 4A molecular sieve can make the water quality qualified and precious metals can be recovered.

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