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Molecular sieve manufacturer: The structural characteristics of molecular sieves determine the adsorption performance of molecular sieves

Molecular sieve is a functional material raw material with standard, orderly and symmetrical pore structure. There are neat and symmetrical pores in the molecular structure, and the diameter is the order of the molecular structure. It allows the entry of molecular structures smaller than the diameter, so the molecular structure in the compound can be screened in various ways according to the diameter, hence the name molecular sieve. There are three main functions: absorption method, catalytic reaction method and ion exchange method. Due to the characteristics of high adsorption capacity and good heat resistance of molecular sieve, the wide application of molecular sieve is promoted.

The structural characteristics of carbon molecular sieve determine its adsorption characteristics, ion exchange characteristics and catalytic reaction characteristics. The following molecular sieve manufacturer will talk about it in detail:

(1) Adsorption characteristics: Since the diameter of the molecular sieve is uniform, only when the molecular dynamics diameter is smaller than the molecular sieve diameter can it enter the pores and be absorbed. Therefore, the molecular sieve separates the vapor from the liquid like a dice, and the molecular size can determine whether it is absorbed or not. absorb. The adsorption of molecular sieve is a whole process of state change. No chemical reaction occurs. After the absorption is saturated, only the small molecular water concentrated on the surface of the molecular sieve can be washed to restore the absorption capacity of the molecular sieve. This whole process is the reverse process of absorption, called analysis or reconstitution. Molecular sieves can be reused many times during their service life without affecting their absorption characteristics. Therefore, foreign molecular sieves are industrial consumables with service life.

(2) Characteristics of ion exchange method: The key of ion exchange method is that the positive ions in the molecular sieve channels exchange with the negative charges in the molecular sieve framework, and the positive ions in the natural environment, the ion exchange method of molecular sieve is generally carried out in solution. Molecular sieve can complete the selective absorption of special positive ions, and then efficiently remove the positive ions of radioactive substances in nuclear sewage. According to the ion exchange method, the diameter of the molecular sieve can also be changed, and the electrostatic field inside the molecular sieve can be adjusted, thereby adjusting the characteristics of the molecular sieve.

(3) Catalytic reaction characteristics: Molecular sieve has a unique and uniform pore structure, large specific surface area, strong acid management center and air oxidation-recovery active center, and the pores have a strong Coulomb field, which can play a polarizing role, so molecular sieves It is a metal catalyst, and it is a metal catalyst with excellent characteristics.

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